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QUESTION: Do You STILL Use Banks & Finance Companies to "Buy" OR Lease Your Equipment? A Bank to "Buy" your Home?

Still Throwing Away Money With Every Monthly Interest Payment?

Learn How YOU can Finance Your Cars, Home or Business Equipment so that you will REDIRECT Interest INTO Profits - for yourself and your family.

If you are tired of the ups and downs of the market and are ready to discover an innovative, safe, predictable and proven method for creating wealth and financial independence, you'll want to block off some time and find a quiet corner to read this book today.

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Allow me to recommend a powerful book to you - Becoming Your Own Banker. It may well be one of the most important books you will ever read. I'd even go so far as to say it's life-changing.

This SHORT & SIMPLE book will show you how to REDIRECT the monies that are going down the finance drain back into YOUR pocket. Who are you working for anyway the banks or your family?

Just a few of the LITTLE-KNOWN, Powerful strategies you'll discover in the Ground-Breaking book...

~ How to finance your business equipment - yourself.

~ How to finance your next house and or your next car yourself

~How to pocket all the interest and profits you are currently handing over to banks!

~ The 5 secret laws of human nature you must understand to retire wealthy beyond your dreams

~ How you can keep and leverage tens of thousands even hundreds of thousands of dollars of interest you'd spend financing cars, houses, equipment, boats, credit card and mortgage debt over your lifetime

~ The devastatingly simple secret to guaranteeing a steady rate of return on your money (NOTE: this is NOT about CDs, annuities, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, risky investment vehicles or real estate)

~ How to create your own banking system so you can control 100% of your money and lending needs!

My only regret is that I did not learn this concept years ago. Rest assured, I am now conducting my financial affairs differently, as a result of discovering these strategies. I suspect you will, as well.

For more information on how to get the book, email me at - please leave your name, location and phone number to arrange shipping & payment.


KJ Porter

Infinite Banking Consultant

"Financial concepts that you can BANK on."


P.S.  After people read the book, they come back to me to put together the actual system.   I customize the system for your circumstance AT NO COST TO YOU.   I help you implement the strategies right away.

I've helped many people use this system to acquire wealth, if I may be of help to you email  and put APPOINTMENT in the subject line.

It's FASTER to EMAIL because we're often out on appointments.   Leave a good time frame to reach you.  If you do not want to order online, leave your name, address & phone so we can reserve one for you.

Remember, be sure to add your location and telephone number.

P.P.S.  Have you already read the book?  Need someone to implement the plan?   There are only a few certified people around the country.   I do not charge to customize a strategy for your unique needs.


See how this book has helped others. Be sure to visit the "testimonials" page on our website!

Here is how you take the Infinite Banking Concept and redirect interest into your own bank to create real wealth for yourself.  Why keep borrowing from banks and finance companies, when you have the financial power available to you.

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